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If you're seaching for information or a site on a particular topic you can browse through the different categories or alternatively use the search feature.

If you're running a business, social or just informational site you can submit it for possible inclusion by navigating to the most appropriate category and using the ‘Submit Site’ button.

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ADirect2Z Submission Guidelines


We do check every site and will not accept any that do not adhere to our directory submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

Please DO NOT submit the following sites as we will not accept them:

  • Sites without online contact details.
  • Sites not in English or with an easily accessible English version.
  • Sites that are primarily affiliate sites.
  • Sites with excessive ads or ads displayed in such a way that they can be confused with site navigation.
  • Gambling sites.
  • Sites selling or promoting:
    • Viagra or similar products
    • Weapons or ammunition.
    • Beer or hard alcohol.
    • Tobacco or tobacco related products.
    • Prescription drugs.
    • Penis enlargement pills or products.
    • Products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods.
  • Sites selling or distributing term papers or student essays.
  • Sites under construction.
  • eBay stores.
  • Sites with any pornographic content.
  • Sites with pop-ups or pop-unders.
  • Mirror Sites.
  • Sites with a limited life.
  • Sites on free hosting services.
  • Sites with any type of offensive content.

We MAY not accept e-commerce or business sites that do not display a postal address.

Submitting A Site

You can submit your site by navigating to the most appropriate category, clicking the 'Submit Site' link and filling in the requested details in the subsequent form.


  • Must be business name or official title of your site.
  • Must be in English.
  • Must not be ALL CAPITAL letters or just keywords.


  • Must be in English.
  • Must not be ALL CAPITAL letters or just keywords.
  • Must not contain HTML tags, URLs, prices, contact information, any time sensitive information etc.
  • Must not repeat the title or company name.
  • Must not contain promotional language, e.g. "we are the best".
  • Must be written in the 3rd person

Additional Links

Up to 5 additional links to sub pages of the site may be included with your submission if you have requested a Featured Review. Any links not meeting the following requirements will be removed or amended.

  • The link must point to a page that is part of your site and which can be accessed from the home page.
  • If the route from the home page isn't immediately obvious then include directions in the comment field below.
  • The link must not point to a page which has a limited lifespan, e.g. a promotional offer.
  • The domain for the links must match that of the site being submitted.
  • The link title must be representative of the page content and each title must be different.
  • Each page must have different content.


Please Note: PayPal will be used to take all payments.

Submitting A Site

If you find that we are missing a category, then please suggest it via the 'Suggest a Category' link at the bottom of the category pages. For more information on submitting a site you can read our directory submission guidelines.

Directory News

The directory has been running now for over 10 years and so we decided to give it a new look. We wanted to keep the same brand and style but with a slightly updated design. For more information and other directory news please click here.