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Search Engine Optimisation, Techniques

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which simply put is the technique of improving the position of your website in the search engine rankings for particular keywords that are relevant to your site. If done properly a high SERP (Search engine ranking position) will drive a lot more targeted traffic to your website and ultimately your business. There are a wide range of SEO techniques that can be used to help achieve this result, some of which are detailed below.

Optimise Your Website

Firstly it's a good idea to optimise all the pages of your website by altering the wording so that the keywords are mentioned but without the text becoming a spam list of keywords.


The keywords chosen should be specific to your business and the products you sell. So for example if your company sells apples then the word "apples" would be a good keyword to start with whereas completely non related words such as "car" or "holiday" would be a waste of time for getting targeted traffic.

Back Links

Another SEO technique also employed is to increase the number of websites linking to yours, in particular those sites that are relevant to yours and your chosen keywords. In fact exchanging links with other sites selling the same product or service as your own website is one of the best methods since it provides very targeted traffic. It may seem a silly thing to do since you will be sending your customers to their site but you have to remember they are also sending theirs to yours.

To increase the links to your site you could also submit your site to directories. For more information on this see Web Directories.


If you are prepared to invest some money then pay-per-click advertising or buying an advertising space on a relevant site can really help drive that all important targeted traffic to your site.

SEO Companies

If you have enough time, you can optimise your site yourself but as with anything it does take time to learn and a certain degree of trial and error. The other option is to employ the services of an SEO company, although you need to be careful which one you use, since disreputable companies can create a variety of problems for your website and even make its SERP worse.

Submitting A Site

If you find that we are missing a category, then please suggest it via the 'Suggest a Category' link at the bottom of the category pages. For more information on submitting a site you can read our directory submission guidelines.

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