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Directory / Web Directories

Web Directories and Submitting to them

Good Web Directories

Good web directories primarily exist to provide Internet users with a searchable collection of websites, that have been organised into relevant categories and reviewed for quality. If run properly a web directory will make searching for good websites on any topic that much easier for the user.

The other function of a directory is to give website owners the option to submit their sites to relevant categories within the directory and, if accepted, the sites will usually benefit from targeted traffic.

Types of Directories

There are numerous directories on the internet from general directories that list websites on any subject to the niche directories that only list websites related to a particular place or topic. The submission policies also vary dramatically between the different directories but basically there are only three main types.

  • Free Directories - Directories that are free to submit to, although most usually have the added option to pay for a review which guarantees a fast review time and often the listing will appear higher than the free submissions for a fixed time.
  • Paid Directories - Directories that only provide a link to sites that pay them for reviewing their site.
  • Reciprocal Directories - Directories that only provide a link to sites that provide a link back. There is usually also the option to pay for the reviewer's time and then no reciprocal link is required.

Some editors argue that the quality of submissions for reciprocal directories and paid directories are much better than for free directories, since the website owners are keener to get listed once they've paid or given the directory a link and therefore take more care with the submission.

It comes down to the policies of each particular directory and it's editors though as to the quality of the actual listings. Obviously the better the quality of the sites and their descriptions listed in the directory the more valuable the directory is as a resource to internet users.

Submitting to Directories

To submit your own website to a directory you need to make sure that you adhere to the rules laid out by each individual directory. Generally though you will find that there is certain information that you will always be asked for and that, if you submit correctly, can help to ensure that you are accepted.

Choosing the Correct Category

Most importantly you need to make sure that you submit to a relevant category for the content of your site. If you submit to a completely unrelated category and the directory accept it, then not only is it detrimental to the usability of the directory but it also doesn't do your site any favours. For example if you sell apples and you submit your site to web designers then the people coming to you from the directory will be after web designers not apples. Basically by submitting to the right category you will benefit from targeted traffic.

Submission Title

You need to ensure that you enter the correct title, since some directory editors that see a spam list, or sometimes just anything other than the title of the site, will automatically delete the submission without a second look. Even if the editor does take the time to correct it they will still be in a less receptive mood when reviewing the site and so submitting the correct title really does help.

Editors have to be strict about the title since otherwise they would potentially end up with a directory where multiple listings all had the same title, which would obviously be confusing to anyone trying to use it.

Submission Description

The description needs to be written in the third person and give an unbiased account of your site that is informative and gives anyone using the directory an idea of the content of your site. Promotional language such as the terms "best" or "greatest" are generally frowned upon by editors and some will even discard the submission without going to the site.

Directory Submission Services

Submitting a site to directories does take time to do you yourself but if you are prepared to spend some money on getting it submitted then there are also various submission services available that you can employ.

Submitting A Site

If you find that we are missing a category, then please suggest it via the 'Suggest a Category' link at the bottom of the category pages. For more information on submitting a site you can read our directory submission guidelines.

Directory News

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